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University of Illinois Graduate College - Master's Project Travel Grants (Fall Competition)

Deadline: Anticipated 10/2020 ( Previous deadline 10/8/2019 )

The Graduate College's Master's Project Travel Grants provide reimbursement to Illinois students for travel-related costs incurred for the completion of an off-campus, short-term project required of one of the University’s master's degree programs.  Approximately 10 grants of up to $500 will be awarded given sufficient funding.  Grant recipients are expected to conclude their travel by August 31, 2020. Grants will not be awarded for travel that has taken place prior to the completion of the competition process.

Selection criteria include necessity for travel, significance and feasibility of the project, and the applicant’s academic record and accomplishments. Budget constraints may call for the selection committee to give priority to nominees in terminal masters programs.

Only projects that satisfy all three of the following requirements are eligible:

  • The project is short-term.
  • The project satisfies requirements for the master’s degree.
  • The required project takes place outside of Urbana-Champaign (i.e., travel is required).

Typical projects would include thesis research, travel for performance or exhibition that is required for degree completion, or final projects required for degree completion.  Projects not eligible for support include internships, practicums, independent study, conference travel, and traveling for a performance or exhibition that is not required for degree completion.

The following students are ineligible:

  • Students who have already received a Graduate College Master's Project Travel Grant.
  • Students in cost-recovery or self-supporting programs (see list).

Allowable Expenses:
Allowable expenses include transportation, lodging, food, and other travel-related expenses for the awardee only (i.e., the grant will not cover expenses for dependents, assistants, or anyone other than the awardee).  Expenses not allowable include equipment, supplies, photocopies, phone, internet access, participant incentives, or course registration.

Nomination Process:
Students must be nominated by their department, and departments may nominate up to three students each. Students, nominating officials, and letter writers should each submit their respective materials to the department's contact person by the department's internal deadline (check with the department's Director of Graduate Studies to identify the appropriate contact person and ascertain the deadline).  The department must then scan materials into a single pdf, and the file should be named as follows: LastName, FirstName - DeptAbbreviation - MATravel2019 (for example: Smith, John - Anth - MATravel2019).   The pdf should then be uploaded to this online Box folder by the campus deadline.

Note that there are formatting guidelines for each of the required items indicated below.  Nomination packages containing items that do not follow the formatting guidelines will be disqualified without review.

The nomination package should contain the following documents, arranged in the following order:

  • Master's Travel Grant Nomination Form, as completed by the Director of Graduate Studies or Department Head.
  • CV (three-page limit, with one-inch margins and at least 11-point font throughout).
  • Project summary (two-page limit, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins, Times New Roman). The summary should detail the nature of the project (e.g. thesis research, required final project, exhibition, performance) including its significance, specific activities, location, dates, and intended results. Any citations must be included in the two-page limit.
  • Budget (one-page limit).  The budget page should include all items requested, complete with budget notes explaining each item.  Also indicate sources of the budget estimates.
  • Letter of support (two page limit) from nominee’s advisor that describes the project’s role in the degree completion process and discusses the significance of the proposed project along with the student’s academic record and accomplishments.
  • Current University of Illinois transcript (unofficial will suffice).

Follow-Up Report:
All grant recipients are required to submit a one-page report and reimbursement paperwork within one month after travel has concluded.

Contact Information:
For further information contact the Graduate College Fellowship Office at 333-0036 or


Categories: Social Sciences; Sciences/Engineering/Math; Professional Programs; Fine Arts; Humanities; US Citizens, Nationals, or Permanent Residents; International Students; Master's; Short-Term Travel; University of Illinois Students

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